Fyodor Golan Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

This could be fun or extremely sad

"Beaute de futur" Małgosia Bela photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondin for Vogue Paris 2001


this website is a community for bored niggas and lonely people

Anonymous: you've changed a lot since high school.. not in a bad way really just seem different! you look like youve got this major confidence. totally inspiring, i wish i could be like you honestly. what did you do to boost it?

thankss yeah, i’ve definitely changed a lot since high school, not like i’m a different person or anything, but i think i’ve developed more as an individual. i think it’s because i know/understand myself so much more now than i used to and i accept myself for what i am and i think that was a really important part of becoming more comfortable with myself. after high school i just decided to be selfish with my time. i got tired of being overinfluenced by everyone else. idk, some say i turned bitchy, but i’m just being real and i’m not about wasting my time on ppl/things that i don’t genuinely care about.


Naomi, Fendi Spring/Summer 1999

James Jean

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